We are a young company, and thanks to our employees we have years of experience in producing interior doors and storage space doors for mobile homes and caravans. Since the founding of our company in February of 2007, we have constantly been further developing our products.

This also includes large rear storage space doors in various geometries or handicapped-friendly doors with a special width. We are the just-in-sequence supplier of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG for gas box, storage space, and interior doors. For various other motorhome manufacturers, we are the just-in-time supplier of interior and storage space doors. We are also the supplier for horse trailer side doors, as well as for mobile hunting hides in lightweight construction.

Quality, reliability, and on-time delivery are a matter of course for us.
Our know-how includes aluminum profile bending, sandwich gluing, CNC milling, vacuum forming, clinching, and a precise montage of the different components.


Company history

2019 Implementation of new digital process organization
Production and delivery oft he 400th mobile hunting pulpit
2018 Standard delivery of 2-point Comfort caravan door for Hymer
Number of employees grows to 42
March Konrad Baur GmbH 10-year anniversary.
February First appearance at the “Caravan Camping And Motorhome Show” in Birmingham (UK).
January Move of Konrad Baur GmbH to the new head office in Bad Schussenried!
August First appearance at Europe’s largest caravan trade show “Caravan Salon Düsseldorf.”
March Grant of the patent no. 102008062711.9-25 by the German patent and brand office for our new development “rotary latch lock with wedge-shaped drive train valve.”
May First serial delivery of the new components door + screen for Hymer GmbH Co.KG.
July 14th Beginning of construction of our new location in Bad Schussenried with a production area of 4,000m² and an area of about 300m² for the office and employee rooms. Move-in is planned in January 2016
August First serial delivery of the lightweight mobile hunting hide construction to Udo Röck GmbH.
July Concept development for an “interior door hinge” for mobile home doors with continuous outer seal.
September Completion of training of our trainee Sebastian Baur, who received a special prize of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for outstanding performance as the best of his year at the final examination.
October Concept development and decision for a new location in Bad Schussenried.
July Optimization/testing of the injection molding tool for serial production of the multi-purpose Container.
April Appointment of Benjamin Baur to the second CEO of the Konrad Baur GmbH.
March First serial delivery of the mobile home door “ENL,” either with or without waste Container.
February Development and production of a waste container made of deep-drawn parts with garbage bag holders and removable partition wall.
September Start of training of our first trainee as machine and plant Operator.
July Development and construction of an injection molding tool for a multi-purpose Container.
June ZApproval as training company for machine and plant operator by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Lake Constance-upper Swabia.
April Appointed as A-supplier of the Capron GmbH in Neustadt/Saxony.
February First serial delivery of the mobile home doors “Feeling” and “Light.” Development and production of a prototype door for the mobile home “ENL.”
January Start of our own mold construction for deep-drawn interior lining and suitable waste containers. First serial delivery of all door types with new door Panels.
November Procurement of the third CNC milling machine and procurement of a deep drawing machine for the vacuum deformation of plastic plates.
June Expansion of the production area to 2,250m² and increase of the number of employees to 26.
May Procurement of the second semitrailer with a rejuvenated glass-fiber reinforced plastic front from our own forming tool – for later planned serial production as a mobile home and utility vehicle.
March First serial delivery of the new Exis/van door, as well as the first serial delivery of the bent door, storage room door, and the bent gas box door for the touring mobile home.
February Increase of permanent staff to 15.
October First serial delivery of the mobile home door 600x1,920mm for the B-class of the Hymer AG.
September Appointed as A-supplier of Hymer AG.
February First serial delivery to Capron GmbH in Neustadt, Saxony.
October Expansion of the production area to 900m², with 8 employees.
September Inbetriebnahme des firmeneigenen 3,5to-Sattelauflegers – parallel geplante Testphase als Wohn- und Nutzfahrzeug unter 3,5to ( Konzeption „Ural-Trailer“).
Juli Commissioning of the company-own 3.5t-semitrailer – parallel planned test phase as mobile home and commercial vehicle under 3.5t (conception “Ural-trailer.”)
July First serial delivery of gas box valves to Hymer AG with 2 employees with a production area of 450m².
February Foundation of the Company.